Monday, 26 March 2018

Moments from: Vienna

It's been quite a while but I want to give blogging another go. I've totally revamped the style and the name of this blog in an attempt for a fresh start and I welcome any thoughts and feedback! Anyway, for my 'comeback' post, I thought I'd have a little look back on a recent trip to Vienna that me and Cam (the boyfriend) took in November.

I don't want to do a long and boring day-by-day post on what we did/where we went/what we ate etc, so I'm just going to put together a few of my favourite photos that we took and let them do the talking with a few of my own recommendations at the end.

sunrise out of airplane window

christmas markets in vienna
giant pretzel stand in Vienna christmas markets
christmas decorations in Vienna christmas market
gingerbread cookies stall at christmas market in vienna
Rear of Schonbrunn palace
statue outside of Hofburg Palace in vienna
Front of Imperial Riding School in Vienna
Exterior of Belvedere Palace in Vienna
st stephen cathedral vienna
rathausplatz christmas markets entrance vienna
same sex green man crossing signal in Vienna
empty fountain in vienna street
horses outside of riding school
couple next to fountain

My Vienna sightseeing recommendations: 
  • Schonnbrunn Palace (and zoo!)
  • Hofburg Palace
  • If you're there at Christmas time, definitely the Christmas markets. My favourite was the Rathausplatz markets.
  • The Spanish Riding School



  1. Wow it looks gorgeous!! Love the photos! xx

  2. Loved these pictures. Now I want to go to Vienna

    1. Thanks! I definitely recommend it, it's a beautiful city xx

  3. Lovely post and pictures!! :)

  4. It looks so beautiful! I love the style of this post x

  5. What gorgeous photos! I hope you had a lovely time :-) Are those chocolatey things pretzels? I would KILL for one of those!! I always love visiting zoos in foreign places too, I'd really love to visit Christmas markets elsewhere as I've never been abroad around Christmas time!
    Alice Xx

    1. Thanks lovely! Haha yeah they were honestly the size of my FACE. I'd definitely recommend the markets in Vienna, they just feel so much more Christmassy than the ones at home - plus their food is so much better! xx